Hey guys! This is my first real mixtape circa 2002 when I was about 18. Some timeless hip hop in there! Enjoy!

Stunticon - Lil’ Wayne X Le Tigre (Dj Midas Re-Fix) circa 2008

Dope 3 beat remix of Ini Komoze’s “Hotstepper” re-worked by DJ Midas & DJ Mana circa 2007

Little mixtape for the ladies I put together back in 2006, some smooth tracks for the girlies to get down to…

5 Minute scratch compilation when I was a wee lad back in 2000, will post the full mixtape shortly, it’s a cool listen

House Mixtape circa 2009 for those jogs to the cake shop!

Little soul loop for any MC’s wanting some smooth shizz